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2003 Corsa C electrical issues

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2003 Corsa C electrical issues

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows what's wrong;

    The speedometer lights don't work but all the other lights on that panel work, the info screen and head unit also has no power and the interior light doesn't work.

    Checked fuses and all seem fine.

    Any guidance would be greatly apappreciated.

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    Fuses can get hairline cracks to they look fine but are actually broken, so either test with a circuit tester or fit replacements fuses.

    The ones to check are 3 (7.5A) - information display & instruments, 12 (20A) information display & radio, 16 (5A) interior light, 24 (5A) info display, radio, instruments, interior lamp

    Speedo light mays be dud bulbs of course - if the rest of the panel lights work it's probably the bulb.
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      Hi and thank you for replying, I've changed the fuses but still no luck however the bulbs behind speedo are working


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        Just as an update only the info panel and cd player have no power now.