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Corsa Central Locking Problem

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa Central Locking Problem

    I have a central locking problem with my 55reg Corsa 1.4 Auto 3dr.

    The car had been sat for a few months and the battery had gone flat.

    In order to start it I had to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and charge it up.

    Once it was up and running the central locking was working fine.

    However after another restart the remote central locking only works on the drivers side.

    In order to fix the problem I have tried the following:

    1. Change remote battery
    2. Re-sync the remote key - when I turn the key to ignition point 2 and press one of the key buttons it does operate the locks to confirm that the sync has taken place (as outlined in the owners manual)
    3. Removed and re-inserted fuse #1 - meant to reset the BCM

    The drivers door also opens using the key in the door, but as with the remote when I turn the key again to the right there is a whirring noise, but neither the passenger door, tailgate or fuel cap open.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated as this as you can imagine is a bit annoying!