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stereo stopped working, wont turn back on, blown fuse??

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  • [All Models] stereo stopped working, wont turn back on, blown fuse??

    Hello there, earlier today I was listening to music through the stereo when it cut out, it was fairly loud so im sure that it could be one of the Fuses, now I have looked online and two are being listed for radio.

    The first one is Fuse 12, this says that it is for information display, infotainment system and radio (its 20A)

    The second one is Fuse 35, this is for sun roof, electric windows and the radio (its 5A)

    which one is more likely to be causing this issue?


    (Corsa 2001)

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    Not sure why you need to know which is most likely. Just check both.If one has blown thats the one.You need to know how to locate and check the fuse in the fuse box anyway and the procedure is the same whether you are checking one or two. You would probably want to check both anyway. But bear in mind that radios often also have their own simple in-line fuse in the power lead. It may be this that has blown rather than one of the main fuses.


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      As above, check both. They're withkn 20 cms of EACHOTHER and very easy to get to.

      If both of those are intact Id then check the one in the stereo