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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] radio madness

    can anyone help just passed test (at 50) just braught corsa 1.3ctdi (2006) the radio has no power going to it so dosent work fuse in radio ok fuse in box ok can someone confirm is their a inline fuse by the battery or behind it that could have blown on the net some people say their is so any help would be really apretiated .......mick

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    Have you double checked the live feed using a multimeter?There may be power after all and its the radio thats faulty or it is not earthed properly. Or it may have locked down as a security measure. There is normally some sign of life to enter codes etc but its worth checking the manufacturers instructions. Have you got the code? If you are sure there is no power use the multimeter to systematically check the live feed back towards its source until you find the problem. Check that an apparently intact fuse is receiving power as well as passing it on.


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      thankyou bugman for taking time to answer it turned out to be inline fuse by the battery all crumbled fell apart replaced cleaned it up all works fine .......