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Corsa 2001 1.0 GLS engine light on

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  • [All Models] Corsa 2001 1.0 GLS engine light on

    Vauxhall corsa 1.0 12v 2001 petrol
    Hi everyone,
    I came across a problem with my girlfriends corsa,last week has been raining quite a lot and in the morning my gf was leaving to work and the service and engine light came on,she didn't even drove off.
    Then during the day i tried starting the car a few times and it switched off the service light and later the engine light as well..
    So I thought it was just the sensors a bit damp because of the rain..
    We drove the car the next day,it seemed to be fine,then 2 days later the engine light came on again..
    Now it doesn't go away,the engine sounds fine,checked the fuses they seem to be all fine...
    Then I disconnected the battery to reset the sensors and now the car doesn't want to start..
    Does anyone have any idea?
    Though it was the lambda sensor but now it doesn't start,so it make me a bit more confused..
    Just to mention that while the car was still working with engine light on,I noticed that some water came out of the exhaust and it was "blackish" like if it had oil on it,but I don't know..
    Also it has a slight oil leak in the engine gasket but i always kept the oil in good level.
    Thanks in advance

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    Disconnecting the battery doesn't reset the ECU on any models after 1997 - it applied to the pre-97 8v engines only.

    Black water from the exhaust is normal - all engines produce water as a byproduct of combustion and the exhaust contains particles from combustion (soot).

    Look at the tutorial on here how to read the fault codes on a Corsa C, then check the codes and tell us what you get. Otherwise it's just guesswork.
    1972 Viva restoration thread -