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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Servicelight reset

    Hi all......... my 08 1.2 breeze has an Insp light coming up . In its past history with the father in law it hardly turned a wheel for two years or more due to health. Presumably this is why I cannot reset using the trip button method. Can anyone recommend a plug in tool that will enable me to do the business. I was just about to order up a Maxiscan tool , which seems to come highly regarded but learned that whilst good for MIL lights and getting up error codes it might not necessarily be able to do anything with Service lights ?

    Any you wizz kids could advise


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    On the corsa c if you press and hold the mileage trip button then turn ignition on without starting the car the keep hold of the button until the insp disappears turn car off and it should be off when you restart the car, that's for a corsa c but don't see why I lt won't work for a D


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      Problem over, I don't know if I had not held the Trip Button in for long enough previously but on one of the other Vauxhall Forums it suggested that you need to have the brake pedal pressed as well as the TB............ ? ...........Bingo Insp light off........result