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Heater Dial Seized and Snapped

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Heater Dial Seized and Snapped

    Me again peeps. Basically tried turning the directional control knob on my Corsa ( dash, feet, screen etc' ) and it just swivels round and doesn't change anything. I took the front panel off and pulled the knob out ( i know, to many innuendos ) and the white internal bit has snapped off inside the knob, with a little bit left on the actual white bit inside, I tried to turn the bit inside and it's very stiff ( ). I've had a look about on the tintywebby and cannot find anything specific on fixing it. Any ideas guys ?.

    Thanks... Mikey
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    I have never taken my knob off, and I'm not going to risk whipping it off it just to look at it. Thats the double entendres out of the way. But from your description I think you are saying there is a control shaft that turns, and a plastic fitting that grips it, and this has broken off from inside a largely hollow knob. If so would it be possible to glue the white plastic bit back into the knob using epoxy glue, but adding extra re-inforcement by substantially filling the hollow knob with glue as well,if there is room and no fancy internal lighting etc . Might be worth a try if the only alternative is sourcing a new knob anyway. If the control is stiffer than it should be its best to find the reason first.


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      Super glue your knob, there's an instructional video on American Pie 2
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        Yeah there's no fancy crap on it dude, just standard. Any ideas what is is causing the control to be stiff?.


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            Thanks Bugman I'll have a look later. Possibly get a pic up off the break.