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Dashboard and power steering gone

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Dashboard and power steering gone

    Corsa C 55 Reg 1.3 CDTI

    So all of a sudden my mileage digital dial starts flashing and the clocks freeze in position and then the power steering goes.

    I've been reading up and have checked the plug in the back on the display and the fuse, they seem ok.

    The bizarre thing is:

    If I run the car without any lights, stereo, heater on the dials and steering fail when idle.

    If I switch the heater on full blast I can rev nearly to 1500 before before it dials and steeringfail.

    If have the heater full blast and lights on it can go over 1500 revs before it dials and steeringfail.

    If I have everything on including the fog lights the car runs perfect again.

    Has anyone had something similar? Thanks, James

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    I'd get the alternator checked out. You probably need a half-decent auto-sparks from what you say, a general check at a battery/tyre/exhaust place probably won't give you enough detail.
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