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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] fault code

    Hi spanner light came of on mother in laws Corsa c 1.2, did pedal test and got a code of 1120 ( throttle position sensor ), what does it actually mean and is it safe to drive, till I come back from holiday in 10 days time, thanks for any help Martin

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    It's safe to drive but you may get a few issues - like hesitation on acceleration, idle problems and lower fuel economy - but it is unlikely to break down completely. The throttle position sensor does what it says - it senses where the throttle is positioned. This is one bit of information the ECU uses to calculate fuel mix to ensure the most economical running and best performance. Some sensor failures will stop and engine dead, the TPS is more likely to simply cause some running issues. In the long term you may get overfuelling which can cause engine wear and damage things like the CAT, but that's only over a longer period of time. You may get a secondary code for the exhaust emissions being out of parameter from time to time.

    It's worth checking the connections and using some WD40 just in case there is damp in there. Otherwise replace the sensor.

    You will need some diagnostic kit to clear the code once the problem is fixed as it will stay logged in the ECU. Old codes won't cause problems running, but they will show up in future which can make diagnosing problems harder since you won't know which code is an old one and which is new.
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      Taurus thanks for the help, Martin