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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] central locking plz help

    hi im hoping that someone on here can help me
    last friday i used my car (08 corsa d) all day but half way through my work my central locking gave out. not only did the locking stop but when i removed the key the stereo the dash and the headlights stayed on but it wasn't until i opened the door and the door chime started to ring that i noticed something was wrong. it seems the car believes there is a key still in the ignition. the car has since been into the local garage and they openly admitted being stumped, however they decided that it was most likely the ignition barrel which they replaced to no cure, they now telling me that they going to reprogram the keys however i don't see how key reprogramming will stop the car thinking a key is still inserted. has anyone else had a problem with this fault?