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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Central locking issue

    Hi, I have a corsa b 1.2sxi 1999, its just my winter runner as my corsa c clutch has gone and cant do it until crimbo, so basically i got this B for nothing 57k miles tested till september, so cant complain, it was my mothers car and she gave me it when i first passed my test in february and i parked it on my drive and never moved it since.

    Anyway it had an aftermarket alarm fitted that was dodgy, and it kept going potty going off when it wanted so i ripped it out (literally)
    I cannot figure out why the central locking doesnt work, it used to work on remote central locking but not anymore, is there anything common that has to be done to make remote central locking work that i do not know of. thanks

    also i know this is in the wrong section, but the engine is very very juddery when driving and seems to have no power, its like very sluggish and takes ages to rev up and feels like it misfires, no fault codes, just wondering if anythings common on that too, ive heard about CTS having a bad connection but still havnt checked it

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    check the wiring that the alarm was connected into maybe you didnt join something up or you did and its broke a wire some where. Best to double check it all

    the usual things are egr valve/cts sensor/throttle body/all the small vacumm pipes make sure none are broke or perished/throttle position sensor/


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      The remote central locking was more than likely with the alarm and when you ripped it out you pulled the remote central locking out aswell