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  • [All Models] Temperature Gauge

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to view the engine temperature on a 2011 Corsa Excite 1.2. Thank you

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    You can't unless you fit an after market gauge and sender


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      On most modern Vauxhalls there is usually a 'hidden' menu in the display panel which allows you to access the engine temp.

      eg - on my Astra the procedure is like this: (with engine running)

      Turn on the radion, then press and hold the setting button for a few seconds - the radio will go silent - then press BC button until you hear a beep, then press it to scroll down a series of menus. Eventually you will come to a page which shows three sets of data

      Sens = indicates the external temp gauge reading not adjusted for engine temp interference
      V = speed in kph
      T = engine temp

      It depends if your dashboard has the same SETTING & BC button on the radio panel.
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        basically same as taurus said but the video tutorial