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Vauxhall Corsa SXI 1.2 (2002) - Audio help!

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  • [All Models] Vauxhall Corsa SXI 1.2 (2002) - Audio help!


    I bought this car, it's been modified and has a sub as well as 2 speakers on the parcel shelf. There is also a 3.5mm jack sticking out the passenger side, so I'm assuming that's ready to be hooked up - as far as I know that is all the audio enhancements.

    The stereo that came with it was broken, and not even hooked up to the sub etc anyway (I think it was modified by the owner before the previous one (who then sold it to a garage I got it from - so nobody has any clue what's happened to it)).

    I have the following radio, salvaged from my previous car after I crashed it. I'd upgraded the previous car (Renault) to this:

    New Meos 7.0 in Dash Monitor Media player GPS Navigation USB, SD, IPod Ready B/T | eBay (I believe that's the same make/model, a mc701bnav3).

    As the previous radio in the Corsa was aftermarket, there is already some kind of adapter fitted. This fits straight into one of the ports on the back of my radio (what I believe is the main power port), however there is nothing to go in the other port, and so connections to the subs etc remain out.

    When I plug this connection in that fits, nothing happens to the unit, and it won't turn on at all (or charge my phone). However, when the engine is off with the keys removed, the clock continues to stay on and opening the door causes the car to beep (as if I've left the lights on). As soon as it's disconnected, this stops. I've disconnected it for now just incase it flattens the battery or something.

    My thinking is that it's possibly the wrong adapter for the radio? So the corsa is recognising something but doesn't know what it is. Anyway I was assuming it may well be better to buy a whole adapter kit again from scratch, remove everything thats in there and start again. The problem is I have no idea what to buy - MEOS seem a very unknown brand, and as I can't remember who I bought it from (about a year ago) I can't even go back and try and get support with it.

    Thanks if anyone can help!