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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] corsa c non starter

    Hi all,
    I am new here, and start with a large issue.
    the wife went through a small flood in her 56 plate z12xep (last of the c's), drove the 2 mins home no issue.
    left the car for the weekend, went to it monday and it wouldn't start.

    i had it recovered to the garage.
    plugged in, plenty of codes, incluing p0560 (system voltage malfunction), deactive fuel solenoid, injection failure and various others.
    cleared them all and the p0560 returned after cranking.
    have read the live data and the voltage is showing at 2.1v, which is not powering up the fuel pump coil pack or any other engine components.
    i have checked all the fuses etc and all are present and correct.
    all earths have been cleaned, and i have changed the battery.
    it will crank over, but no start.
    i have been thinking it may have spiked the ecu, but before i get it tested, has anyone had these issues before, and if so what was done to rectify.

    any help is muchly appreciated as the wife is doing my can in not being able to use her car!

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    Very hard to say for certain without examining the car, but the C was always prone to water ingress into the ECU. The voltage reading may be an ECU problem, or there may be a short on the power supplied to the ECU. Once water gets into the system it can get trapped so it takes ages to dry out - even if it's inside in a dry garage. Have you taken the ECU connectors off and allowed them to dry off and sprayed them with a water dispersent?
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