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Emissions Light & Faulty Speedometer

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Emissions Light & Faulty Speedometer


    Recently we purchased a 2001 Corsa C, 1 Litre, petrol.

    It's had a new Cam sensor, Crank Sensor, Bush on the lower suspension mount, oil & filter change and a new cam chain just before purchasing it.

    However, the emissions light is still lit. The garage scanned it and showed us the readout, it was displaying errors relating to the Cam Sensor. He wiped the errors because they may of been old and re-ran the scanner it comes up again with the same errors.

    Now, since we had the Bush done on the suspension mount the speedometer hasn't been working correctly, at about 15 mph it's just reading 0 mph at 35 mph it's reading 20 mph.

    We have checked these against a GPS speedometer app on our phone.

    Anybody have any suggestions on what could be causing the issues, we're more concerned with the speedometer at the minute.

    I have checked the fuses in the box in the bay and all of them look in good condition, however I'm not sure what fuses should be where exactly so I don't know if any are missing etc.


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    Sounds possible that while having the suspension bushes done someone has damaged the speedo sensor wire little strange though but very possible.

    If theres still some form of cover on the car if it was purchased from a garage take it back otherwise may be worth trying to remove the cam sensor and replace it witha working new or good second hand.


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      The cam sensor issue is almost certainly that the timing is out. It is a common issue when people change the timing chain and don't get the phase disc on the inlet cam absolutely spot on. There are no timing marks on the engine so you need to use a timing kit to line them up right.

      The speedo issue may be wiring, but I'd check the ABS sensor & ring. They're actually wheel speed sensors and are used both for the ABS and to drive the speedometer. It could be a back connection or damaged wire, or the sensor may be dirty, or the ring cracked.
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        Thanks for that reply, the garage have looked at it and hes ordered a new speedo sensor.

        He's tried a second hand cam sensor and a brand new one but it still comes up with the same errors on the ecu.

        The car has been stood since December laat year so I wonder if that's anything to do with it.


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          Get him to check the phase disc timing - 9 times out of 10 cam sensor codes after a new change are down to the timing.
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