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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B Battery size

    I am making this thread to help some other Corsa B owners not make the same mistake I did (I did a quick search and I didn't see a similar thread). This story is only for Right Hand Traffic countries, which have steering wheel on the left side. The batteries on the LSW and RSW Corsas are located on different place.

    Recently I changed the battery for a new one, the old one was around 10 years old and ready to go. After looking for all the options that are on the market, I choose one that I thought it is a best buy. It was 55Ah, the brand was German, but I won't mention it because the brand is of no importance. The next day I noticed that the front hood is not closed completely on the right side, I knew right away that the battery is causing this. When the hood is closed it touches the battery and stays a bit open, you can see a gap of some 5 mm and its ugly sight. But there is more, much more dangerous issue, the hood can touch the + side of the battery. This is a recipe for disaster, to instantly melt the electrics of your car, possibly set the car on fire.

    Now, its my fault, I did run some online battery size calculators and I did notice that they recommend 175 mm height batteries, but I paid no attention to it. 98% of all the batteries that were in offer in my city were 190 mm. All the sellers offered me 190 mm batteries, they would ask what my car is and they still would offer me 190 mm batteries (basically what they had in the store).
    The next day I found a small battery (175 mm) and bought it. I made a small mistake, fixed it fast, so I won't have to pay for a big mistake (fried car). Don't make the same mistake I did.

    I also blame Opel, the design of the battery location is terrible. There is constant rain water all over the battery and now this. They could have left 15 mm more space so they can fit a normal size battery. Or they could have made a small dent in inner side of the hood (it is double wall hood) so that the hood doesn't hit the battery. A very small, very important but forgotten detail.

    Left Side Wheel Corsa:

    Right Side Wheel Corsa: