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Hawk Central Locking kit Hazard warning wiring location

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Hawk Central Locking kit Hazard warning wiring location

    Hi all
    Fitted the hawk central locking kit today, had a piece of paper that told me what colour wires to splice into on the corsa which was great. However it tells me to conect the hazard warning wires to black/white and black/green which is confirmed on the haynes manual. I have found a Blk/Wht wire but no Blk/Grn wire in the loom on the drivers side under the kick plate. I connected one of the wires to the Blk/wht and tested to see if it actuated the lights but no joy. My question is, is there a place where the wires are behind the dash, say glove box where they will actuate the lights properly when the fob is pressed I have currently fitted with the locks working but no lights.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Dave on here will be the man to ask. He's on holiday at moment, may be worth a pm

    Mine was in passenger kick panel, loads of wires behind there. May be worth a butchers


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      Thanks for that should've looked there really silly sod still will look at it tomorrow after work.


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        I installed the hazard wires up under the dash by the stalk. Just drop of thd steering column cover and they will be there. Much easier to get to


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          To confirm, both the black/wht and black/green are in the large loom connectors in the passengers footwell. In fact, everything you need is in there. You dont need to take apart any other part of the car to get that working. Pretty convenient really.
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