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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Fuel pump wiring

    Hi Guys,

    I want to hard wire my fuel pump and make it a bit safer. I found this guide which facet recommends and it runs via the oil pressure switch:

    Basically means that if the engine shuts off so does the pump and I wouldn't need to worry if I left the ignition on etc. Couple of questions...

    1. Would this cause problems when starting in the morning? As the system wouldn't be primed as such but I would still have around 500ml of fuel in my filter which is right next to the carbs.

    2. Does anyone know the thread size of the oil pressure switch (14/16xe) and where I could get a 3-pin pressure switch from?


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    are not running meggajolt for the ignition? does that not have a fuel pump wire? on the meggasqurt I'm using on the fiesta the pump is controlled from the ecu meaning unless the engine is cranking it doesn't get any power.. however i see no reason why the above won't work ok. the pump should engage a few seconds after turning the key as the oil pressure builds.
    Take a look, Its old and rusty[URL=""][/URL]


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      Unfortunately megajolt is real basic so doesn't have a pump/12v output.

      I also cannot find an appropriate oil pressure switch anyway so I'm considering this t-piece....

      That connects to block, pressure switch in the back of that then it has another space for a sender wire to the fuel pump.

      Does anyone have an idea of the type of sender I can use to the fuel pump from the t-piece?


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        Get a t piece on a braided line, that's alot of weight on that small thread and could snap in the head, I use one in the mr2