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corsa c heaters not powerful 1.2 sxi 03 plate

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] corsa c heaters not powerful 1.2 sxi 03 plate

    Hi everyone I'm new to the site just got an 03 1.2 sxi and I hae noticed that the heaters are not powerful even though they are on highest setting I have removed the cap and there are no air bubbles any ideas? Sorry if I have missed anything

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    Check coolant level - you say you've removed the cap and there are no bubbles, but is the coolant level remaining constant? If it had dropped the it may have airlocked.

    Check also if the engine is reaching full temperature quickly. A sticking thermostat will render the heaters useless.

    Look at the state of the coolant. If it is rust coloured then the heater matrix may be blocked by corrosion. If there is scum on the surface the header tank then maybe a previous owner has used a sealing compound to solve a leak and too much of it can block the heater matrix.

    Make sure all the coolant pipes are present and connected properly.

    Also check the pollen filter. A blocked filter will restrict airflow through the heater which makes it feel weak.
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      Yeah that's worked just had bits of leaves etc on it seems better hope it warms up quicker now I will know tomorrow lol cheers everyone


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        Heaters don't seem to be getting hot any ideas? Only drove for like 10-15 mins


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          Flushing the heater matrix worked!!!