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Car seems to be over fuelling with electronics fault light on

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Car seems to be over fuelling with electronics fault light on

    Hi guys,

    This is my last ditch attempt at finding a fix, so the situation; my car conked out with the electronics fault light on. Towed it home and tried to start the engine. After leaving it for an hour or so and trying again it went but revved up to over a 1000 rpm then just died again. Initial thought; not enough fuel. Changed the injector but this made no difference. Then found a vacuum pipe had perished so replaced this. Again, no change.

    Then tried the throttle position sensor, unplugged it and started the engine then plugged it back in and this seemed to fix it. Took it out to see if it had and got about half a mile before it conked out again.

    Then got a diagnostics machine on it and it gave three faults; throttle position sensor, MAP sensor (both of which had low signal), and the EGR valve feedback. Cleaned all the connections to these 3 and then tried again but still nothing.

    Changed the throttle position sensor and MAP sensor but this made no difference so swapped back to original sensors, but now the problem has evolved. Instead of just ticking over and then dying, when the engine starts (could take a couple of attempts) it is ticking over at 3000 - 4000 rpm and doesn't seem to cut out.

    I am reluctant to change the EGR valve because 1) it is very expensive to buy and 2) the plate that it sits on seems to have a crack in and been glued into place by a previous owner.

    Apart from trying to swap the EGR valve or trying a new ECU I am all out of ideas, so just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem or if there is anything I can try?

    I am going on holiday tomorrow so apologies if I am late in replying, and many thanks in advance!

    Edit: I have also noticed that the injector seems to be intermittent, as in sometimes when the key is turned and the throttle pressed it doesn't seem to inject any fuel but once the engine is going it injects fine, too much fuel if anything,
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    Which engine is it?


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      Over fuelling can be down to one of 2 sensors air flow meter and lambda sensor the lambda sensor can also hide its fault and show up on the egr saying that is faulty
      But we need to know what engine you have to help anymore


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        Unplug airflow sensor and try starting it


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          Ok, thats something to try. The engine is a 1.4 litre SZ.


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            A new fuel filter might not do any harm.



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              I'd check it for air leaking into the intake. Those codes may be old ones so clear the ECU of codes and then test again.
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