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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Help engine non start

    Hi all new to the forum I have just bought the Mrs a corsa d 2009 for her 1st car its suppose to have the z10xep but it has the a12xer engine fitted its had the ecu wiring loom lockset clocks fitted but the car now wont even attempt to turn over on the key has any one done this change before and come across the same faults I've plugged in to my auto com but carnet read the ecu, I can find all over ecus like airbag steering etc etc thanks in advance for any help

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    Just to clarify - has the car run since the engine transplant?

    What is the battery voltage reading when you turn the key to crank the engine?
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      hi no the engine as not run since fitting, the battery is 12.56


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        first place to start will be checking you have a good live to the starter motor and making sure you have a good earth to chassis. once both of them have been checked make sure you are getting 12v to the teaser wire on the starter, my guess is you won't have.. and thats where your issue is.
        Take a look, Its old and rusty[URL=""][/URL]