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Electric window sticking & wiper blades stop in the middle & don't return??

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  • [All Models] Electric window sticking & wiper blades stop in the middle & don't return??


    I have just joined the site and hoping that some-one can give me some much needed help (especially with tihis wet weather) & advice............

    The drivers side window will not go up in one go and has to be done in several intermittent presses.......

    Think I may have a faulty wiper motor (just replaced with new blades) but the wipers won't return properly and keep sticking in the middle - could it be the wiper motor needs replacing?

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

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    Do you have basic tools like a screwdriver set and small sockets? If so you can remove the scuttle panel (the black plastic bit between the windscreen and the bonnet) and see the mechanism that the wipers and wiper motor are connected to. If its just rusted then you can probably grease the pivot points to get it moving better without replacing the motor.

    With the side windows, check if they're still moving up and down in the channel track that they're supposed to along the sides of the window. Otherwise they will bind. If they windows haven't jumped out of place you can remove the screws holding the door card (inner panel on the door) and gain access to the inside of the door. You can spray some grease on the contact and hinge points to see if this helps.