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Petrol low warning light.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Petrol low warning light.

    HI All,

    Hopefully this will be an easy answer and could stop me having to rip my dashboard apart (again)

    Do ALL Corsa b's have a low fuel warning light that illuminates (the litle petrol pump sign)

    My mates 1.0L GLS does, as soon as ign tuned on it illuminates then goes out as gauge comes off min setting, ( the clocks include rev counter ) but mine, which started life as a 1.0 breeze (with single clock) never has.

    I changed clocks for rev counter type and I'm pretty sure (though not 100%) that I've got bulbs fitted in every position, but no illumination.

    your thoughts on this matter chaps is appreciated. as since I lowered car I'm not fully happy that gauge is reading accuratly and it would be nice to have this function if possible

    much thanks


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    Hi All,

    sorry, not patient this morning, can't sleep.

    Answer - yes twin clock models do illuminate petrol light - if the bulb behind the symbol isn't blown

    Single clock models on the other hand have the wiring upto the multi plug but I can't see they can as theres no bulb behind the gauge ( unless someone knows different)

    Off to bed now


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      Poverty spec ones don't.
      1972 Viva restoration thread -


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        Hi Taurus,

        Yeah.... but thats dumb cause when your skint you put less fuel in so need to know this info more - shame on you Vauxhall


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          On my 1.0 there wasn't one, but all I had to do was put a bulb in.


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            HI danny,

            was that single or twin clocks ?



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              Twin. Electronic speedo ones.


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                My 1.0 Envoy (Same poverty spec as the Breeze) had the single clock, after switching it out for a rev counter model the low fuel light works fine.