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Fuel pump not operating!

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Fuel pump not operating!

    OK, I had intermittent starting issues for a while and now she won't start! I've checked fuel pump pre pressurising sound when I turn key and nothing. I'm thinking its the crankshaft sensor, faulty fuel pump or relay/fuse. I've swapped ECU/key reader and key transponder twice so I know that's not it. I'm leaning toward crankshaft sensor!

    Can't read codes as my obd2 can't communicate with either ECU's. My obd2 pins don't look filled like the 10 or 16 pin pics I've seen so paper clip method is a no no. Please help!
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    This is how it works: Upon switching ignition on, the fuel pump relay powers the fuel pump for two seconds and then switches off.
    Cam and crank sensors do not play a role in making this happen, so even if the fuel pump won't pre-pressurize these sensors may still function OK.
    When turning the ignition key further to the start position the ECU looks for pulses from the cam/crank-sensors. If yes, then the fuel pump relay switches on permanently, and if no, the fuel pump relay does nothing. In your case with no appearant fuel pump pre-pressurizing sound you can rule out the sensors being bad. Take a look at the fuse, relay and the pump itself. If you can locate the relay, you should be able to hear it kicking in or alternatively locate the pins that connect to the fuel pump and measure the voltage. If there's voltage present at the relay and the pump still won't start there must be a loose connection or a faulty fuel pump motor.


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      Switch key to position 2 and check for pressure at the rail,


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        And try not to run two separate threads about the same problem. It confuses the old folks.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          Many appologies!