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Engine light on but drives fine?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Engine light on but drives fine?

    Hi, my daughter has just got an 06 plate Corsa 'Life' 1.2 twin port 3 door with 99,000 on the clock. The car runs sweet but the engine symbol light is showing steady on the display on the dash. The garage she got it from have changed both Lambda (O2) sensors in attempt to fix the problem but with no luck. When I do the pedal fault code test it shows up the following codes in this order: 1st, 0135, 2nd, 0135, 3rd, 0130 and finally 4th, 0136.
    Does anyone have any idea what is firstly causing the dash light to come on, and secondly the best way to get it sorted?
    we have full RAC cover so am I best just calling them out and getting them to have a look at it?
    any help would be much appreciated.

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    First of all welcome.

    Second - those codes may be old, you really need to clear them then test again. See which code comes back as 'live'. Opcom is a cheap but very powerful system which you run on a laptop and connects to the car's data port via a USB device. It will monitor live engine data so you will be able to see problems as they happen.

    If you put your location up someone on here may have it and do a check for you.

    The O2 system is a feedback system so if they've replaced the sensors and checked the wiring on them then it's almost certainly an issue elsewhere.

    Depending on which code is 'live' it could be any thing which is causing the exhaust gases to be out of parameter. ie - an air leak, exhaust leak, misfiring plug, fouled injector, airflow meter or weak coolant temperature sensor (and they don't always throw codes themselves when they go.)

    I'd put it on Opcom and watch the readout from the O2 system, it'll give you a clue which direction to look in.
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      Hi Taurus,
      thanks for the response, the garage said they had cleared the codes but you can't always trust what you didn't actually see can you! I'm in Bolton so if anyone is nearby with the tools to investigate this I'd be grateful for any help, tea, coffee, biscuits or cakes would be provided!
      like your Viva by the way, used to do some part time work when I was a kid for a mad surveyor known as "Lazy Len" who had one that colour and used to drive it like a maniac, brought back some good memories seeing your car.
      thanks again for the response


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        What kind of cake ?


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          What kind would you like?


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            If you are ever near leeds/Wakefield let me know I'll plug Car in for you

            As long as said cakes are provided

            If not then buy your own Code reader/opcom they are very cheap and easy to use (opcom is a bit more complicated, but that's because it's very in depth)

            You can pick either up for less than 15quid delivered


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                Think I might invest in one, are they purely Vauxhall specific or will they work on other vehicles?
                we have a VW Lupo, Ford Kuga, Volvo V50 and a Toyota MR2 in the household so if I'm going to invest in something like this I would like to get one that covers all our cars if possible, am I being realistic here?


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                  Opcom is vaux specific

                  Generic readers off ebay (the one I have) does majority of petrol Cars from 2000 and diesels from 2004


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                    Opcon can do a lot more the eBay readers simply just read and clear codes


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                      Go for Opcom, it's very cheap for the facilities it provides. OK it's only for Vauxhalls but for what it costs it's the best thing for sorting out some issues. A generic reader won't give you anywhere near the same capabilities. Once you've used it you'll see why it's the best bet.

                      I'd have Opcom for your Vauxhalls and a generic for everything else.
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                        Thanks for the advice Taurus, looks like I'm buying two then!


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                          You will not regret buying Opcom.
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