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Engine electronic warning light on for a CORSA D 1.3ltr ecoflex diesel

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine electronic warning light on for a CORSA D 1.3ltr ecoflex diesel

    Hello, for the last few months I've had the engine electronic warning light come on and off. It was not always with every journey, but recently it is getting more frequent. It will either come on straight away after starting up the car or it will come on a little while after driving. I've had two mechanics have a quick look for me (family friends,so it was free) and both plugged in their diagnostic tools.... But it came up with no error.

    I did did the pedal test and it does seem to indicate a problem but I can't for the life of me work out the code (I'm a bit blonde and a typical ditsy woman!!) if you could decipher the code, I will love you for ever! Video is just here - Engine electronic warning light in a CORSA B - YouTube

    I am not sure if the car has lost any power, it does feel sluggish to me but not sure if that's just me being paranoid! On a possible related note, my headlight bulb has blown again after 2 months of replacing it and I am getting the INSP 4 message on the dash which is something related to the diesel fuel filter? This popped up once before and never reoccurred, but it was on both journeys I done today...

    any ideas? Planning to take the plunge and take it to vauxhall but I will have to wait til pay day again. Thank you!

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    I think that Code is just a random Code what means nothing, also what diagnostic did they use on your car?