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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C Need help

    Hello, I have been having an issue with my car for some time now, i had it again just tonight from driving home.

    It started fine, i started driving for about 5 mins, then all the dials went to 0... fuel.. temperature.. speed and revs.
    I actually could keep driving...for 20 mins... until the handbrake light (see 1a) came on then all the dials went back to normal.

    I have had similar issues, but my car actually cuts out... or just wont start... until i then walk away for 5 mins... try it again and it all works
    again normally!

    There is a bit of a leak in the passenger footwell... behind the sponge of the floor... but cannot find the leak (drops down from behind the glovebox).

    I have checked the pins from the ECU, they all are copper (no corrosion).

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Kind regards

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    Bcm cover leaks and seeps into car possible the cause


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      Both are common problems with the Corsa C

      The first - the instruments failing and non-starting is almost certainly the connection behind the instrument panel. Sometimes a firm push will fix it temporarily, but it will get worse over time as vibration makes the joint less secure. You need to remove the instrument cluster, clean and secure the connection behind it (Vauxhall issued a field remedy which was a kind of putty to hold it in place).

      The second - leaks into the cabin - first thing is to check the scuttle drains are clear. if they clog up water backs up until it gets past mounting holes in the front panel which aren't very well sealed. Look for signs of dampness and trace where water is going. It's fiddly, but if you can find the area where water is getting in then use some flexible sealant to make a better seal.
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