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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] central locking

    Hi, I am new to the forum and thank you in advance to everyone for helping. I want to install an aftermarket central locking control. Holden Barina 1999. At first I did not know the car had C/L(new owner), then I discovered that there were door motors fitted, eventually found the box(kiekert) behind the ECU. In order to connect the new controller to the existing wiring I need a pinout for the kiekert connector.
    I would appreciate any help.

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    What exactly is it you need to know mate, i might be able to help, do you need a full wiring diagram? I've got autodata and it shows the central locking module but not sure if its a kiebert unit.

    3= Ignition Switch- Ignition ON = Black
    9= Battery + = Red
    2= Brown/Red
    12= Red/yellow
    6= Brown/White
    7= Black/Yellow
    11= Brown
    8= Black/Red

    Let me know if you need anymore information.


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      Hi thanks for the quick response. I need a diagram that will shows all the connections of the c/l system or a least where the kiekert connector pins go to. I need to connect the new control unit to the existing wiring. The above diagram only helps a little bit. It looks like my connector is wired the same, but I do not have 12v at pin 9. Pin 11 looks like it is grounded and pin 3 has 12v with ign on. My fuse box has 28 fuses and I presume that fuse 13 is the one that supply pin 9 with 12v?

      fuse box just an example
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        Hi, I think I have worked it out. Found fuse 13 blown and I managed to sort out the wiring for the drivers door motor switch. I'll see if I can use the ign wire(with a delayed pulse circuit) to lock the doors when the car is running. thank you very much for your help Williamcorsa.

        If I may ask another question - What is fuse 24 for? the fuse holder was empty and when I plugged a fuse in you could hear a relay clicking in the engine compartment. The description behind the cover only has a symbol.



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          According to this mate its not used.

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            Now I am curious to know what that solenoid is for. If that's the fuse that powers it, how else is it operated and why would it be fitted?
            Click image for larger version

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              same as above
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