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installing cruise control?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] installing cruise control?

    Tempomat - cruise control - speed control whatever you call it... Our work vehicles have all speed control. I am used to it. Comes handy on straight roads, it's simple and for sure it saves gasoline...
    Can i install it into corsa D? The engine is gasoline 1.4 16V.

    I believe it's not that simple. There's the handle, than the electrical wiring, probably something must be done to the computer and the engine. Than switches on the brake and throttle...

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    From a quick google about retrofitting cruise control to a Corsa


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      Talked today with a mechanic i know that said the wiring are all there already installed - ready to use! All i need is to buy left handle and drive the car to someone with OPEL tester in order to programme cars computer.
      Than i asked what about disengaging switch on brake pedal?
      This answer was a bit unclear. You hook it to brake light or the switch is already there at the pedal...
      I think they just cheat the computer - hook it to break light therefore no switch is needed!