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nearside head light not working

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] nearside head light not working

    I have a sxi 2002 corsa c ... Near side head light does not come on at all, it will light when I flash with beam stalk
    I have renewed the bulb check fuses renewed the indicator/beam stalk

    and still nothing can you advise

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    Hear you name
    Mentioned loads throughout my life, can't believe I've finally found you!!


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      Just to check - you don't get dipped beam or high beam on the n/s, but the o/s works on both and you get full beam when you use the flash function.

      The o/s & n/s dipped and full beam are all on individual fuses, you've checked all four of them. Have you tried replacing both n/s fuses? It's not unknown for them to develop hairline breaks which you can't see.

      High beam & low beam for both headlights are on two separate relays, so if one side is working it's not the relay.

      If all else checks out it is most likely a wiring issue, have you got a multimeter you can use to check the wiring with?
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        Hi Taurus,
        Many thanks for your prompt reply,
        I fear must have a wiring problem, As today I have checked the fuses again lifted the relays out and put them back, to find now the
        Off side head light works on full & main beam... Near side now works on main beam & not on full beam,

        could this be the relay on full beam

        Cheers Joeblogs


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          The high beam and low beam relays operate both side, so if one side is working the relay is good.

          The fuses are specific for each side and for each beam - ie there are 4 fuses for o/s high, o/s low, n/s high, n/s low.

          Since things changed when you moved the fuses and relays I'd start with going back to the fuses and checking the contacts, make sure there's no corrosion in there. Do the same for the relays as belt & braces. But it could be poor contacts on the fuses from what you've said.
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            Hi Taurus,
            Many thanks for your valuable information,
            With the help of an electrician friend we did locate slight corrosion in the fuse box side of the lighting fuse connections
            with the help of W.D.40 we hope that it has cleared it all.
            It has as you did suggest cured the problem
            I am very grateful

            Thanks again



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              Taurus strikes again!!

              Nice one.
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