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Damaged tow bar caused my indicators to stop working

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  • [All Models] Damaged tow bar caused my indicators to stop working

    I'm having a problem with my 55 Reg Corsa Easytronic. I started having a problem that the indicators didn't work at all and just clicked extremely quickly when I tried to use them. I looked this up and it was suggested that this could be the indicator relay. I've replaced this and it has made no difference.

    However, I then noticed that part of the tow bar had broken off leaving the wire hanging down which is now frayed and at some point seems to have swung against the exhaust (I don't know how I missed this while checking the indicators originally).

    I suspect that when this has been damaged the indicators have been disconnected causing this issue. Does anyone know what it entail to uninstall the toe bar and restore the original wiring?

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    Ought to be pretty simple. The original wiring will still be in place, the towbar electrics simply connect into the loom and on yours will probably have been activated on the control module. I'm not sure what happens when you disconnect the towbar electrics, ie whether you need to deactivate it or not. I'd try unplugging it and see what happens. If it does need deactivating something like Opcom will do the job.

    The towbar itself can be unbolted at its mounting points, the hardest bit is usually removing the rear bumper.
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