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Installing switches in blank buttons centre console

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Installing switches in blank buttons centre console

    Hi everyone. Ik thinking about installing some lights behind my grille (because i think it looks cool). I want to use one of the switches in the centre console below the hazard light. Ive got 6 switches of which 3 are used (e.g. central locking and passenger airbag). The others are "blank", they cant be pressed. Has anyone here installed switches in those buttons or retrofitted a hazard light console from a corsa with different options to get those switches to work?

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    I installed a switch from a different spec corsa. The new switch (the entire unit) has buttons for heated seats and steering wheel. I now want to use the signals for those wires to power some relays. What is the best way to approch this? Just cut the signal wire? Or try to activate the heated seat feature with opcom and use the according signal to power a relay?


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      I'm certainly no expert on this, but here are my thoughts.

      I'd probably go with the first option assuming you can get to some contacts (and they act as open/close, that may depend on the switch) to a relay, on modern cars the switches are a bit too integrated to just work/be reprogrammed in any easy way I would imagine!

      As the buttons aren't likely to work as an on/off switch you might have to get clever with some kind of circuit trigger for the relay (so a single press energises, and second press de-energises).
      edit: Found you can get bistable or latching relays which work in this way, so they remain energised until the button is pressed again. Would be worth checking if that's suitable in your application.