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Corsa 1L 2004 - cranks but will not start

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa 1L 2004 - cranks but will not start

    I have corsa 1L (three cylinder petrol) year 2004. Engine revs but will not start. When the key is turn to just before reving engine the fuel pump does not start. I removed fuel pump relay and when I connect (bridge) switch on the board the fuel pump works. I changed relay and it is still the same, the engine revs but does not start because fuel pump does not start. The car was running although lately I noticed when I switched off engine by turning key the engine would continue to runs at higher rmp speed. It seems some electrical/control component is gone but which one? Could it be key barrel that it is gone or something else. Please help. Many thanks.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    I am struggling to understand your problem, as you say that the engine 'revs' but won't start. - Most people would understand 'reving' to be what happens when the engine is running, and you press the
    accelerator i,e. the engine speed increases or 'revs'.
    Could it be that you are saying that the engine turns on the starter, but fails to start?
    If the engine still failed to start when the pump was running, it would indicate that the problem is NOT with the pump.
    It is possible that the pump does not run because the system is up to pressure.

    If you can clear up the phraseology, we will take another look at your problem.