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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Corsa Strip Light installing

    Hi peeps,
    Iv just bought some interior strip lights for my vaxuhall corsa 2016. I was wondering would it be possible to somehow connect them to the car light switch where you turn on the headlights so the strip lights turn on automatically rather than using the USB port?
    Was looking at hard wiring them but I only want them to turn on at night so best was using headlight switch as a connection port.
    These are the light strips iv bought below.

    Thank you for your help and time.

    Interior Car LED Light Strip Music Sound-activated and Remote Control 4 in1 Waterproof Light Bar RGB Car Atmosphere Lights : Automotive

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    You cant connect it directly to the 12 volt headlights circuit as the strip lights actually have a working voltage of 5 volts as supplied by the usb. . (your advert doesnt mention this, but other adverts for the same product do)
    You normally need to plug it into an existing usb socket or use a usb adapter in the 'cigarette lighter' socket to reduce the voltage from 12 volts to 5 volts.

    Or you could hard wire extra usb sockets using something like this - . 12V to 5V Dual USB 15W Power Adapter Converter Connector Car Charger For Phone | eBay

    You may find something similar where the socket/s can be mounted into a facia rather than dangly usb leads.

    If you dont want to plug the unit in every time you use it you could incorporate an on /off switch in the circuit.

    But its never a good idea anyway to tap into or otherwise 'mess' with circuits such as headlights that can affect vehicle safety (or prevent it working at all, ) if something goes wrong.

    Its also possible that the cars Can -bus electrical system will have a hissy fit if you draw unexpected power from the circuit. Can bus cars monitor electrical circuits for changes,such as for instance a blown bulb.

    I think you would be better finding a more suitable ignition controlled circuit and tap into this using a piggy back fuse.

    Let us know how you get on.
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      I came to say pretty much what Bugman did! Only additional thing to add - I probably would replace the set you've bought with a 12v one, save on the hassle of a converter.
      If you look at similar LED lights but put 'camper' in the search you'll see a lot more 12v options which wouldn't need the 12v to 5v USB conversion (which probably then gets converted back to 12v anyway!).

      Wouldn't run from headlights, the risk is higher than the reward there - but as Bugman says, you could find an ignition switched fuse to piggyback - just means the LEDs would be on whenever the car was.


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        Thanks both for your replies.
        I have received the led lights today and it says on the square control module where the USB input goes in it says 12v input then 2A output for the lights.
        But yeah like you guys are saying don't want to risk messing with the headlight switches etc. The only reason I said to connect it to the headlight switch was so that they only turn on it night when the headlights were switched on rather than being on all the time even during day.
        I think not tried yet the remote does have a on off switch so I think when the car is started you have to press on for them to go on. Not too bad both ways.
        Thanks once again guys for your replies.