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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Fault codes

    Hi.I recently broke down and the A.A diagnosed a bad coil had burnt out and blown a bit of the plastic housing on the coil pack.I put an after market one on and vehicle still won't start and it now shows 4 fault codes p0261 p0264 p0267 p0270 which is all related to the fuel injection chambers.I checked a spark plug and no fuel is getting through to the plug.any ideas what is causing the fault's a corsa on a 15 plate.thanks

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    I have no specific experience of this. Only general suggestions. Sorry if its stating the obvious.

    The fact its the same fault on all 4 injectors suggests a common cause, maybe a single faulty wire or poor terminal on a connector block that feeds all four.

    Its possible the AA were mislead in their diagnosis by the physical damage to the coil pack, and it was the injectors all along. On the bright side if the coilpack was showing damage it was a good ideas to change it anyway as a precaution.

    Or the injector wiring loom may have been disturbed or accidentally unplugged when the coil pack was changed.

    You may be able to fix the problem by carefully examining the injectors wiring loom. Look for damaged wires, or terminals that have been disconnected. Initially you could give each terminal block a bit of a shake which may reveal a loose connection. If necessary unplug each terminal block ,one at a time, and examine the male and female connectors in each half of the connection for any signs of corrosion, or contamination with dirt or oil. ( It may help to give them a squirt of switch/contact cleaner spray.) Then reconnect each terminal checking its secure .

    Let us know how you get on.


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      thanks for advice.much appreciated. open to any ideas.ive rang the company who supplied the coil and they said they always recommend a change of plugs in case the coil has damaged the plugs aswel.i can see 1 or 2 being damaged maybe but coincidence for all four but will try anything at he moment otherwise it will have to go to garage.i was even thinking if the coil has damaged a fuse somewhere and that's causing it not to fire up.but hopefully will get it sorted soon.


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        I finally got to bottom of the problem.a mechanic friend came and squirted easy start into the engine.the car tried to fire but wouldn't start.this made us think there's a spark there but don't know how many were working so we had a look at the spark plugs before I went to buy new ones.they all looked we checked all the fused related to the engine and found a break in the ignition system fuse.sorted it.a new fuse and working again.apparently the coil pack had failed and blew the fuse aswel.all good now.