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Key problem Corsa Club 2002

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Key problem Corsa Club 2002

    Good morning

    For various reasons (all my own fault!!) I am retired, cannot work, and living on an extremely small income. I recently bought a little 2002 973 cc Club for £400 to get me to and from a couple of volunteer roles. I only got one key for the vehicle and am very reluctant to spend £70 on a spare. I can get a key without a transponder cut at Timsons for £20.

    is there any way to de-activate the receiver in the vehicle?

    Alternatively, I thought of just taping the key with the transponder somewhere on the steering column close to the ignition and buying 2 transponderless keys saving £30. Would that work?

    Also, would anyone know where I can get a manual for the vehicle?

    Many thanks

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    You can't disable the receiver to my knowledge, it's part of the immobiliser and the car wouldn't start.

    I have heard of people taking the transponder from the key and taping it near the ignition barrel, it's obviously not the best idea as it means stealing the car is much simpler, but it'd work.

    Timpsons can clone some transponders (I'd be surprised if they couldn't do a Vauxhall one), I had them do it on an old car, it was about £30 for the key and cloned transponder if I recall, and a much better option. I'd suggest asking them in store, it may be that the one you go to doesn't have the equipment, but if it's anywhere like here, there seems to be a timpsons in every supermarket, each equipped slightly differently.


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      Vauxhall (and opel ireland) have the original owners handbooks for some corsa models as a free pdf download on line. Not sure if they still do one for your car.

      You can get used Haynes workshop manuals on Ebay for less than £10 inc postage.


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        Thanks folks. Appreciated!

        Think I will try removing the transponder route. Lots of bumps and dents so no too worried about theft

        Tried Vauxhall/Opel - no joy. Haynes it is

        Thanks again