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Corsa B 2000 Horn Problem

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B 2000 Horn Problem

    The horn on my 2000 Corsa B is stuck on and the only way to stop it is to disconnect the battery or remove fuse 1. I cannot find where the horn relay is or if there is one. It is not in the engine compartment or next to the ECU behind the panel behind the bonnet release lever. I can just see 2 relays above the fuse board but it is tightly wired in and so difficult to see if there are any others. The car was centrally locked and the alarm set and the horn just came on. The alarm is normally an intermittent horn blast not a continuous tone. There is a power sounder next to the horn which is on the drivers side in the compartment behind the engine where the windscreen wiper mechanism and screenwash reservoir is. I haven't disconnected the power sounder yet but there is no sound when the battery is disconnected and the sequence to disable the power sounder hasn't been done. So, I don't know if it is a power sounder, relay or even a problem with the actual horn itself. I would say that it is unlikely to be a steering wheel switch issue but I guess anything is possible. Any ideas?

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    Well this is very strange. The battery has been disconnected for 4-5 days. I intended to remove fuse 1 in order to prevent the horn going off when the battery was reconnected. I actually removed fuse 16 in error and reconnected the battery. The horn didn't go off which would be the case if fuse 1 had been removed. I started the engine, checked the horn and it worked, so too did the hazards and interior light. As these are served by fuse 1 I had obviously got it wrong and when I tried the windscreen wipers that are served by fuse 16 they were disabled. I switched off replaced fuse 16 and restarted the engine and took the car for a 5 mile run half expecting the horn to play up. Everything is working as normal and I have centrally locked the car and set the alarm. So far OK so will continue to monitor it and keep my fingers crossed!


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      Hi welcome to the forum

      Strange indeed. Fingers crossed and lets hope it is indeed sorted. But electrical gremlins that fix themselves are a PITA. So just in case the problem returns for you, or for others I'll add my thoughts . i'm not an expert.

      Looking at this web site Fuse box diagram Opel/Vauxhall Corsa B

      There is a horn relay R6 but only up to 1996. There is no mention of a horn relay from 1996 -2000. It also lists an alarm relay R10 . But the photo show has a relay fitted in R6 butt R10 is empty. Could this mean that a pre 1996 car (at least in UK spec) did not have an alarm relay but needed a horn relay, while cars from 1996 to 2000 did not need a horn relay because they use the alarm relay for the same purpose ? I'd of thought the electrical requirements of an alarm system itself are quite low ,apart from whats needed to power the horn itself. The alarm relay probably has an intermittent switching function as well , similar to the indicators. This heavy duty relay switching may be shared by the horn push.

      If my theory is correct its possible that the alarm relay jammed in the 'on' position giving a continuous horn. And has now unjammed itself . The fact you disconnected the battery (and wrong fuse) may just have been a coincidence, or disconnecting the power might have reset the stuck contacts

      If your car does indeed have an alarm relay it might be worth replacing that as a precaution.


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        The horn problem came back tonight!! Everything has been fine for around 10 months. I've disconnected the battery as before. Here we go again!