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the cigar lighter socket on my Corsa (2015 model) is not working.

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] the cigar lighter socket on my Corsa (2015 model) is not working.

    the cigar lighter socket on my Corsa (2015 model) is not working. How to check and repair?

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. The first thing I would check is the fuse for the cigarette lighter. Have a look in your manual for the fuse .


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      Also have you checked the in-line fuse in whatever accessory you have plugged in? You unscrew the plug . This fuse is often low amps, maybe 2amp or 5 amp and should blow first if there is a problem with a short circuit etc in the accessory . Its usually quite obvious if its blown, but if in doubt use a multimeter, or substitution.

      I believe the in-car fuse for the cig lighter is number 38 in the dashboard fusebox inside the glovebox (or behind the light switch on left hand drive cars) Also check fuse 25 (auxilliary) I think fuse 38 is 20 amp which should be plenty, even for high draw accessories such as a tyre inflator pump . (on my yaris its 15 amp) If the car fuse has blown its probably best to check for a wiring fault .They dont often blow for no reason.

      Incidentally I have been using a cheapo adapter to convert the cig lighter to take lo take 3 plugs. But it only has a2 amp fuse. No problem for low draw items such as sat nav and dash cam etc but it wont take high draw items such as an electric coolbox, or tyre inflator (over 5 amps) Recently i inadvertently plugged the tyre inflator in to the adapter . The adapter melted before its in-built fuse blew ! So be warned.

      I am now going to fit an extra socket (possibly 2) rather than use an adapter. . I will probably wire it up as a separate circuit , using a piggy back fuse. I will take photos for a possible tutorial - although it will be on the Yaris the basic principles will be similar.


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        Thank you Bugman. I followed your advice and found that the relevant fuse was blown. I secured a new one and the cigar lighter is working perfectly now. Thanks


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          My daughter has same issue with her Corsa Sxi, is there any known reason for the fuse blowing ?


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            Hi Welcome to the forum

            Its not clear whether the fuse that blew for Eamonn was the fuse in the car fusebox , or the in line-fuse in an accessory that was plugged into the socket. He may answer later

            But speaking in general terms you may be able to deduce where the problem lies. If its the fusebox fuse does it blow immediately the ignition is switched on , even with nothing plugged in? If so its probably an electrical short circuit in the wiring leading to the socket, or within the socket itself . If it only blows when an accessory is plugged in there is probably a fault in that accessory . . But if it still blows even if a different accessory is plugged in the fault may be the lighter socket itself. The negative and positive terminals in the socket may have come loose, and make contact and short circuit if anything is plugged in.

            If its the in-line fuse built into the accessory that blows the fault is more likely within that accessory. Things like air pumps that have a plug with a long lead the device itself often have a fuse within the plug, found by unscrewing the plug. These plugs are often very crudely made , with bare wires badly soldered onto bare bits of metal - a short circuit waiting to happen. Hope this helps.

            Let us know how you get on.


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              Hi and thanks for the input. Apparently socket went off when the dash-cam fell off screen, which hopefully explains it as new fuse was ok.
              She has multi plug with 3 accessories, I plugged in one at a time and all ok. So far ...