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Wanted Rear Door Electric Lift Conversion

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Wanted Rear Door Electric Lift Conversion

    I'm tired of reaching around to lower the rear windows. I would like to install rear electric window lifts in my 2002 Corsa C, 5 window. I'm not worried about doing the electrical just was wondering if Corsa came with rear electric lifts or if someone out there has performed this hack.

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    As far as I know rear electric windows were never an option for any uk specification corsa. But judging by this advert they were an option in some countries on opel badged cars.

    Rear Left Electric Window Regulator (With Motor) For Opel Corsa C (F08, F68), 2000 2006 For Opel | MicksGarage

    This ad wants 60 euro for one, making it quite an expensive conversion .You may be able to find the parts you need cheaper elsewhere overseas.But with the labour time needed to remove the units and shipping its not likely to be cheap.

    But the photo is good and might help you find something from another car that could be modified to fit. from an astra maybe. You might even find the part numbers are the same. But you might also need different door cards. The mechanism may need more internal space than is provided by manual door cards.

    Or maybe think big. A european car breaker may be willing to ship two complete rear doors to the uk (ideally before brexit) , with all the motors, door cards and whatever other bits and pieces needed already fitted. They may be experienced in shipping large and heavy items . Specialist freight carriers may not cost much more than a normal parcel carrier. If the colour is wrong you could swop parts over, and maybe recover some costs by selling whatever remains.

    It seems like every village in Greece has a couple of car breakers for cars of this age ,(mostly imported for spares from Germany etc) but Corsas may not be common. (You dont see many Corsas in Bulgaria or Romania for instance -they prefer VW, mercedes Audi BMW etc )
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