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Rear o/s door lock issue help needed

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Rear o/s door lock issue help needed

    The rear door o/s will only lock manually and won't lock with the central locking. I took the door plate off and the cables seem to be intact but the handle itself might have an issue with the spring as the handle doesn't seem to have much resistance springing back into place as it has quite a loose feel to it.

    Now the door plate is off the problem I have is accessing both the internal bolts that hold the handle in place. The runner for the glass hinders the removal of one of the bolts to the handle. Can someone please tell me if I need to remove the glass just to access the bolt for the handle so I can check the handle spring. Any pictures video's etc would be really handy as everything is hard to visualize behind the metal door casing

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    can anyone help please , ? I have a new handle but I'm unsure if to tackle the job or not


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      Sorry, I have never done the job. I dont know if the glass has to come out.

      You say the cables appear intact , but does the electric solenoid itself actually activate and move when you try the central locking? If it does but doesnt unlock the lock/handle you could try removing the door card on the working side to see what is different when it activates. Is the spring action the same , a connecting rod disconnected etc?

      Is the runner physically preventing the bolt coming out , or is it just making it difficult to get a tool onto it?

      Could you get more room by loosening or removing whatever bolts the runner in place, but without actually removing the runner or glass completely ?

      Could it be removed by using a very short 'stubby' screwdriver ? one technique I have used is to insert just the appropriate short bit from a multi bit screwdriver set. This only needs about 25 mm of depth. You then turn the hex from the side using a small open ended spanner.