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Best method to get music from a iphone into a CD30?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Best method to get music from a iphone into a CD30?

    Seems the bluetooth on the CD30 is solely for phone calls. So would a unit like this be the best means to get music from an iphone into the CD30? - Forbidden

    Or is there a better alternative?

    Click image for larger version

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    I didnt realise the CD30 radio had bluetooth at all without an aux adaptor. Your radio version, or knowledge may already be beyond my limited knowledge. .

    I believe the earlier CD30 radios do not even support aux. Only the later Cd30 MP3 version radios can take an aux lead at all and even this doesnt come with one as standard. It requires a special lead with a terminal block that plugs into the back of the radio. (If you need to fit this lead ,you will also need the special removal keys for GM radios)

    The most common method is to buy the basic connector lead for the back of the radio which has a standard aux female socket for the male aux plug on the right in your photo.

    You can buy bluetooth adaptors that are hard wired , rather than having to use one that plugs into the cigarette lighter . These have the bluetooth receiver/transmitter gismo hidden away, but incorporates the connector block into the back of the radio. These have the advantage of not occupying the power socket, . But ,thee one |i had a look at only does music, it will not work for telephone ,and does not offer any direct controls of tracks etc . You could only pause, skip etc using the phone itself.which may not always be as convenient. The cigarette socket types sometimes have other functions as well, such as a memory card slot.

    If your radio is aux compatible then the type of adaptor you show is probably the best option , although not necessarily that particular model. There are hundreds of different makes. You would need to check for yourself if the one you chose it will support both music and telephone calls, and compatible with the operating system and bluetooth version of your phone.