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Corsa z18xe ecu plug

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa z18xe ecu plug

    Corsa z18xe Ecu plug to engine dose any one know were I can get a plug for the ecu as the one I have is cracked and having trouble getting hold of one do any other Vauxhall’s have the same plug any help would be gratefully received the car is a 2006 corsa sxi+ Z18XE thanks

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    anyone have a clue if any other z18xe car has the same plug from ecu to fuse box and abs dont fancy buying loads off harnesses off other cars to find they dont fit. anyone


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      My experience with harnesses (looms) is that there always seems to be a subtle difference, not only between models, but also within the same model, necessitating cutting and soldering.
      Rather than removing the complete harness, it might be an idea to photograph/ make notes of the existing plug, then visit appropriate scrapyard and see what you can find.
      Providing that it has the same plug with THE SAME NUMBER of connections on it, you should be OK to purchase it and graft it onto the existing wiring.

      I would suggest that you don't cut the old harness too close to the plug, but leave four to six inches 'spare' - then cut the old harness close to the plug, leaving you plenty to play with - you can always cut it back some more once you have stripped the insulation for soldering and checked that it doesn't have the 'black death' (corrosion).



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        Thanks for your reply that’s more or less what I will do thanks as long as I can get the right plug I will just change the pins to soot mine thanks again