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  • [Corsa D] Stereo help

    Hello all,my vauxhall corsa 2012 active originally came with the cd30 mp3 stereo and the bigger play unit,however before I bought it the display unit was replaced with the smaller one,however I would like to take back to the original which is the cd30 mp3 and the bigger screen,do I just buy a stereo that has been paired with the bigger screen and it's plug and play or are there other things involved,any help will be appreciated,many thanks John

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    Yes as long as the CD30 MP3 and screen are a original pair . It's just plug and play .


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      Thanks for your reply,however there seems to be different stereo part numbers and screen numbers for the cd30 mp3,does this matter or make any difference?as long as I get a matching pair?


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        Sorry, i appear to have missed this. All the adverts i can see on ebay say the same as Restorer. No code needed as long as they are a matched pair.

        Dont worry about the different numbers shown in some adverts. That is just the part number,or type number or serial number of each individual unit. They wont be the same. "Matched pair" means they have been electronically coded to match and recognise each other. Probably a security measure. If for instance you only needed to replace the screen because it was broken, you would buy one with the correct part/type number but would have to enter a code to pair it to the radio.

        But to refit the large screen you might also need the larger facia trim. They also sell cd 30 mp3 radios matched to a smaller screen. If your car originally had the large screen refitting one may restore some extra display functions. But it might only ever have had the small screen. I dont know .

        You may also need to buy the bent wire radio removal 'keys' designed for the CD30 radios ( a couple of quid on ebay)

        The main advantage of the Cd30 Mp3 version is it has a connector at the back for an aux lead,so it can connect to mp3 files on a phone etc. This lead was not included as standard when new. Its a good idea to fit one while the radio is out, even if you have no immediate plans to use it. .Some used radios may include this lead,. If not the special lead, with the correct connector block, are about £5 on ebay.
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          Thanks for your reply and input will be getting one sshortly 👍


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            I updated my post with a bit more info,but didnt notice you had already replied.It may help to look again. If your car did originally have a small screen (My 2010 car has a small screen,and a cd 30 without mp3 although I suspect it may have been a bit 'old stock' when first registered) the ecu may not be able to display anything extra on a large screen,and it might even cause compatibility problems. It may be worth double checking your modelatel/year had had the bigger screen, unless you are sure.

            Best of luck. Let us know how you get on


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              Thanks will keep you posted,it definitely did have the bigger screen as I have a pic showing it did,further more it's a 2012 corsa active and has the aux jack near the cigarette lighter


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                Ah ,maybe Vauxhall/opell factory fitted an aux ,on posher specs to justify a price differential without actually spending much. Just like they can now turn up the performance wick by simply remapping the ECU settings., or in the old days by drilling the cylinder bores ,carburettor jets and venturi larger at no real cost to them just by using a bigger size of boring tool. (It doesnt auger well for the punters. )