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  • [Corsa D] Central Locking mechanism

    Yo all!

    I have a 2013 1.2SE, which I bought a few months ago, however, the central locking on the rear-offside door is not fully working. The door has to be locked manually, via the small hole behind the lock. It opens no problem from the inside, but the remote will not trigger the open or close mechanism on that door. However, if the door is locked (manually), and you press the remote again to deadlock, then the deadlock works in that door! All the other doors, tailgate and filler cap work fine.

    If anyone has had this before, is my problem likely to be one of the following

    1) A broken wire somewhere inside the door, or in the loom between the door and the pillar?

    2) A failed motor in the lock unit (not sure if there is only one motor in it, or two, not confident to take it apart)?

    3) Something in the BCM not programmed properly which I might be able to re-set with OpCom?

    4) Or something completely different!


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    Not worked on a 2013 but plenty of corsa D . I would say it was the solenoid on that door . Take the door card off and check the connection. If you are handy with a multimeter check the earth and power supply when you work the central locking with the key .


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      Thanks Restorer! Just looked at the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual, the locking unit has two 'M's in it (motors), one for the normal locking, the other for the deadlock. I'll try the multimeter. OpCom is not flagging any low or missing voltage on that door via the BCM, so it's either a broken connection somewhere, or the motor is duff. Will take the door card off next time we have a dry day.


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        Could be something mechanical such as a disconnected linkage rod between the solenoid and the lock mechanism. (If there is one) Hopefully all will become clear when you remove the door card.

        I recall from previous posts that although it may be obvious a rod has come adrift its not always easy to see exactly how it connects up to the lock. If is the case ,or any doubts whether things are working as they should ,it may help, and save time, to remove the card on the working door for comparison.


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          Thanks for your advice. Fixed it! The wiring connector to the locking unit wasn't pushed fully home. All working now


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            Glad you got it all sorted. Thanks for the feedback.