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  • [Corsa D] Radio locked

    Hi guys,
    does anyone know how to unlock my radio in my corsa d as it is locked and can’t find to a way to unlock it.

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    Hi if the radio has had more than 10 attempt to enter the code the radio will lock itself out . And you need to take it to a Vauxhall Dealer to have it reset . You will need the security code for the car .
    Have you considered that someone could of changed the radio in the car .


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      Vauxhall main dealers may charge silly money for this. I believe there are some on line companies who can supply radio codes , for about half the price of Vauxhall, but I dont know if they can reset one thats locked out. Always assuming you dont already have the code somewhere with the car handbook. (or if the radio is a used one they may have written the code on the body somewhere. ) You need special keys to remove the radio. A couple of quid on ebay.

      It might even work out cheaper buying a used radio complete with its code. My 2010 car has never needed a code entered when I disconnect the battery, so maybe later ones dont. Or yours is later still.. If you go for a standard CD30 radio maybe pay a bit extra for the later CD30 mp3 version which can be adapted to take an Aux socket so it can be connected to a phone .

      Or put the money towards getting something with an infotainment screen and advanced features.
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        Thanks do you know how much it costs to take it to the Vauxhall’s dealer or how much it costs for the radio with aux as I already have an aux cable in my car.


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          It used to be abou£90 . But have you got the security code ,not Radio code for the vehicle.


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            Restorer I don’t think so do you know where you would look


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              The security code is on a piece of card , credit card size. usually kept in the drivers wallet, Drivers pack . Vauxhall Dealer usually charge about £28 for the security code with proof of address and ID