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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Starting

    Hey Corsa B takes to long to start, and I am consernd that my starter my burn out. Could it be the cold start?

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    Hi, welcome to the forum

    Although starter motors work under a lot of strain its normally the battery will go flat before the motor can get damaged .

    Are the starter and battery turning the engine over vigorously? If so the engine should start, even in cold weather. But dont continue 'flogging a dead horse' for too long. The starter might be ok, but it can 'flood' the engine with fuel. Try for a few seconds, then wait a short while for things to cool down, fuel to evaporate etc then try again, etc. and repeat. But poor starting usually means something is below par and needs fixing sooner rather than later. (My corsa has just started first time at minus 15C , although that is a diesel.)

    Has the car had a full service recently, including a new set of spark plugs? Some so called servicing often does not include changing spark plugs . New plugs alone might solve the problem. Also check that the coil pack connectors which connect to the spark plugs are clean and free of green or white corrosion

    Also change the oil and filter if this hasnt been done recently. Better to use semi synthetic 10W 40 oil as a minimum, or better still fully syntheticl 5W 40.(or 30) If you live somewhere seriously cold you probably dont need me to tell you to use 0W oil. These are thinner in cold weather. 15w40 mineral oil may be ok on an older engine in summer. But If cost is an issue IMO its better to buy supermarket 'own brand' oil with a higher specification than a well known brand with a lower one.

    If its only turning over sluggishly the battery may not be fully charged. Or the battery has seen better days.Or the battery leads not making good contact due to corrosion etc. A lot of short journeys ,driving with lights on etc , can mean the draw on the battery is more than the car can replace. Also the performance of batteries drop in cold weather, and cold thick oil makes the engine harder to turn over. If you suspect this is the problem ,and the leads are making good clean connection , top the battery up with a battery charger . If you dont have a battery charger you could try using jump leads from another car as a temporary boost to see if it now starts . But you need to know what you are doing using jump leads. You can check on- line for do's and donts., Also cheap .'emergency' jump leads often dont work as well as you might think they are.

    If the car then starts normally things might now be ok, but if the battery later continues to struggle you may need to investigate further whether the battery or alternator are faulty. . Car battery sellers often do free checks on these (hoping for business of course)

    Try these first, if you havnt already done so. There may be other causes.

    I have assumed your car is petrol. If its diesel it may be due to glow plugs .(or your cold start procedure)
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