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  • [Corsa D] Infotainment system?

    Hi all, new here.
    was just wondering has anyone fitted an aftermarket infotainment system to a 2007 Corsa D With any success? Looking recommendations where others have bought from and prices and if there is much cutting to the existing dash to make it fit.
    Many thanks

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    Hi welcome to the forum.

    i can only help with some basic info. I dont have one, and cant recommend a particular make.

    There is no cutting required. The dash is already able to fit a double din (ie double sized) infotainment system. You have two basic options. Either a system designed for the corsa D that has the same trapezoid shape as the standard CD30 radio. Or a universal system with an oblong shape. These are generally cheaper, but you will also need to buy a corsa D adapter pate that fills in the gaps for a neat finish. One advantage of these is when you sell the car it may fit your next car,or be easier to sell. ( Its a good idea to hang on to the original radio in case you need to refit it -although if you have the later cd30 mp3 version radio fitted in your car these fetch a few quid used.)

    You may also need a fitting kit. extra wiring etc. Have a look on E bay initially. You will find fitting kits, but beware, some kits come with a fitting cage, some dont, some include the special keys needed to remove the old radio, some dont etc. You may not need a cage on trapezoid versions, I dont know. On cars with steering wheel radio controls, trip computer etc I believe there may also be an additional wiring kit needed to retain this function.

    The systems can vary hugely in price from £20 to well over £300 But there can be a big variation on their specification . The operating system may be obsolete, it may not have mirror linking ,or gps capability, and missing various other functions.A few can still take cd's I believe, but many will not, although that might not bother you. . You might regret buying too cheap,and find it doesnt have the functions you wanted or will not link to your version phone etc.

    Again E bay is quite a good place to research and compare specs on what is available, even if you eventually decide to buy elsewhere. Its a bit of a learning curve . It can be quite difficult getting up to speed on a long list of specifications on an advert,and knowing the latest versions. .Its often a case of noticing the things that are not included or supported.

    If you go with a 'no name,' you may be able to get something reasonably decent for £100 universal, maybe £150 for a corsa D specific system but you may find something that meets your needs for less. A well known brand is likely to be twice this price. But you may also need to spend £20 -£30 on a fitting kit.

    Others may add more information.

    I must admit , the last entertainment system I bought for a car was a 1930's wind up HMV gramophone to play 78 rpm records ! Its most high tech feature was a little compartment for replacement needles (Absolutely true - I had a 1930's car and used it to add a period feel at classic car rallies, picnics etc )

    But i did once try to get up to speed on buying an infotainment system. (I only got to about 78rpm and bottled out in the end. ) but I was struck by how careful you have to be. Caveat Emptor, buyer beware. They were very quick to claim theirs is the latest version (when its not) and of course point out its wonderful features in such glowing terms, leaving up to you to discover in fact some others have more .
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