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Oil pressure switch leak stopped by itself?

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  • Oil pressure switch leak stopped by itself?

    Hi guys, wondered if anybody could help. I was getting and oil pressure light on my 2007 Corsa D when the engine was warm and at idle. I took it to a mechanic who changed the oil and filter and also the oil pressure switch. He said it didn’t seem to be leaking but could still be a cause of the oil pressure light.

    I’ve driven and had no oil pressure light since, however a few days later, the car took a little while to start and the check engine light came on. I opened the bonnet and it seemed like the new oil pressure switch was leaking slightly. I ordered a replacement, and was going to fit it. However now it seems fine. I haven’t driven the car, I’ve let the engine run for a little while to see if I could spot any leaks but I can’t see anything. I’ve also started the engine with the switch unplugged and no lights have come on. Does this seem normal at all?


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    Hi welcome to the forum. The oil lights should definitely come on if you disconnect the oil pressure switch with the car running.


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      Does the oil light come on when you turn the ignition on?


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        Thanks for the reply! There’s no lights coming on now. The check engine light came on the other day and that’s when there appeared to be oil leaking from the pressure switch. But since checking there seems to be no fresh oil and no warning lights.


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          Originally posted by Restorer View Post
          Does the oil light come on when you turn the ignition on?
          I may have misunderstood. The light comes on when I turn the ignition I.e the bulb works, but no lights are staying on, even with the pressure switch disconnected.


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            I'm still a bit confused. As Restorer says if you disconnect the oil pressure switch you would normally expect the oil warning light to remain on all the time .both when running and with the ignition on but the engine not running. But having read the following web page I'm not quite so sure. Engine Oil Pressure Switch Operating Principles and Diagnostics

            Apparently there are two types of switch. . Continually on and continually off. Its just possible that if you disconnect a continually on type of switch the light might never light either when running or not running.But thats odd as this is not fail safe. If the switch becomes accidentally disconnected, or the wiring damaged, you might not realise you no longer have a functioning warning light.

            Can you confirm that with the switch connected the oil light illuminates when you switch the ignition on,but it goes out once the engine is running? If so its functioning normally,

            Also just letting the engine idle will not fully test for oil leaks. Oil pressure when idling is not very high, especially if the engine is high mileage.This marginal oil pressure at low revs may be one of the reasons your oil light flickered in the first place,( although with an oil and filter change and a new , more accurate, switch it could still be good for many more miles .). . .Also the oil may be relatively cold and thick. Oil pressure will be higher when driving, with hot oil, and the leak may get worse.


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              Yeah that’s right, the lights all come on when ignition is turned but then they all go out. But I’ve driven the car and doesn’t seem to be an issue, but when I’ve pulled in turned the ignition off and back on again, the car seems to struggle to start and the check engine light comes on. So basically when the engine is warm. But there’s no oil pressure warning light coming on?

              I have a guy coming to take a look tomorrow, hopefully it’s nothing too serious!