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Rear lights stopped

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Rear lights stopped

    Hi, I have a 1998 1.0 12v just wondering if anyone knows why my rear sidelights would of stopped working and would anyone know which fuse it is that operates them?

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    There are 2 fuses:

    -Fuse "8" for Left rear light
    -Fuse "23" for Right rear light

    Both are 10 Amp (red fuse))

    Fuse Box location:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Corsa B Fuse Listing (From Haynes Manual) - Forums

    Fuse 1 - 20 Amp - Hazard Warning Lights, Horn, Anti-theft Alarm & Interior Lights
    Fuse 2 - 10 Amp - Automatic Transmission
    Fuse 3 - 30 Amp - Heated Rear Window
    Fuse 4 - 10 Amp - Daytime Driving Lights
    Fuse 5 - 10 Amp - Automatic Transmission (Yes again)
    Fuse 6 - 10 Amp - Rear Foglights
    Fuse 7 - 30 Amp - Air Conditioning
    Fuse 8 - 10 Amp - LH Sidelight & Tail-light & Headlight beam adjustment system
    Fuse 9 - 20 Amp - Front Foglights
    Fuse 10 - 10 Amp - Left Hand (LH) Main Beam
    Fuse 11 - 30 Amp - Headlight Washer System
    Fuse 12 - 10 Amp - LH Dipped Beam & Headlight Beam Adjustment System
    Fuse 13 - 20 Amp - Central Locking System
    Fuse 14 - ......... - Not Used
    Fuse 15 - 30 Amp - Heater Blower Motor, Radiator Cooling Fan, Air Conditioning System
    Fuse 16 - 30 Amp - Windscreen Wipers
    Fuse 17 - 10 Amp - Radio, MFD, Instrument Panel, Glovebox Light, Electric External Mirrors
    Fuse 18 - 20 Amp - Central Locking System, Reversing Lights, Cigarette Lighter & Automatic Transmission.
    Fuse 19 - 20 Amp - Electric Sunroof
    Fuse 20 - 30 Amp - Radiator Cooling Fan
    Fuse 21 - 15 Amp - Stop Lights & Hazard Warning Lights
    Fuse 22 - 10 Amp - Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
    Fuse 23 - 10 Amp - RH Sidelight & Tail light, & Headlight Beam Adjustment System
    Fuse 24 - ......... - Not Used
    Fuse 25 - 10 Amp - Right Hand (RH) Main Beam
    Fuse 26 - 20 Amp - Fuel Injection System
    Fuse 27 - 10 Amp - RH Dipped Beam & Headlight Beam Adjustment System
    Fuse 28 - 30 Amp - Electric Windows
    * - 10 Amp - Anti Theft Alarm


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      My fuse box don't look like that it has a lot less fuses in there also number 8 isn't used I've tried putting fuses in it but it has no metal holders in the plug


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        I thought all corsa B fuseboxes had spaces for about 28 fuses.Are you checking the main fuse box inside the car and not an auxiliary one under the bonnet or in the boot . (some corsas gave 3 fuse boxes, not sure about the B) ? Or is the car something unusual, assembled in South Africa for instance, in which case it may use a fuse box from another car such as an Astra. Maybe post a photo of your fuse box.

        But rear lights normally had separate fuses for each side so if there was a problem you shouldnt lose both at once. Although less likely its possible both fuses have blown , or indeed both bulbs.(or one of each) Y you should check these . Blown bulbs and fuses are sometimes visually obvious, but dont rely on that alone. Even if they look ok test them with a multimeter or test lamp, or swop them over with a known good one.

        Also check for disconnected ,damaged or loose wiring Check the wires to and from the switch, back as far as you can and check the security of their connector blocks, And trace from the light clusters as far forward as you can. . Maybe give the connectors a bit of a waggle. (btw are the front side lights working?) If you have a multimeter ,or a test lamp you could check for live power at various places to narrow down where the fault lies. . If you havnt got a multimeter its worth buying one. .A basic one only costs about £8 and you will find many future uses for it in the car and home over the years. (you can even save money by testing whether aaa and aa batteries have any life left in them)

        If necessary check the side lights are getting a good earth return in the boot . I'm not familiar with the corsa B in particular, but clusters sometimes have an exposed metal framework that provides earthing to all bulbs. If other bulbs such as indicators are working ok the frame is probably earthed ok . But tracing earthing faults is not easy to explain and you may find a tutorial on line.

        let us know how you get on.