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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Oil life indicator

    I have a 2017 corsa. It had its service in October and I had a look at the oil life indicator and it says 80% which is about right. I accidentally reset it back to 100% and I’m wondering how will this affect the car oil reminder? And will it affect the service reminder as well or not? It’s having its next service in October.

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    Hi. Welcome to the forum

    Oil Life indicators are a bit new for my knowledge , but it from research , I understand it estimates how long the oil is likely to be fit for use based on your driving patterns,as recorded by by the ECU (electronic control unit computer)- Temperatures etc. Its not based on solely on mileage or by any sampling or actual testing of the oil itself (although the system might incorporate an electronic 'dip stick' to check the oil level doesnt drop too low.)

    Thus if you do typically do long journeys with the engine hot most of the time, the oil is likely to be fit for service longer than if you typically do short journeys with a cold engine, or regularly thrash the engine by enthusiastic driving.

    The service reminder , if the car has both, is based solely on mileage. Resetting one should not affect the other.

    Services are based on time, or mileage, whichever comes first. If you plan to have the car serviced in October regardless of mileage, resetting 80% back to 100% probably wont be a problem, unless your mileage between services is likely to exceed the recommended maximum. (or you drive 'enthusiastically) Manufacturers sometimes quote 20,000 miles as possible between oil changes,if decent oil suitable for extended service periods has been used , but 10,000 miles is more realistic, or better still 6000 miles if you only do short journeys.

    If you decide to wait until the next service it may be a good idea to manually check the oil level now and again.